Saturday, 1 July 2017

Unable to open the Hotmail on MAC OSX Safari

MAC OSX with Safari user often face problem while sign-in to the Hotmail. There must be several errors connected to this problem. When it comes to resolve the problem, the user tries everything possible to access emails. As you know, how important is email for a user who needs to respond business messages or requires sending confidential attachments. Usually, the troubled user dials the Hotmail technical support number 1-844-888-3870 to seek help regarding the error. Surely, the professionals provide an instant solution. But, here’s an alternative to contacting the Hotmail support. The troubled users can follow the steps mentioned below to resolve the email error on MAC OSX Safari.

Steps to resolve the Hotmail not opening on MAC OSX Safari:  

Step1- In the first step, you need to launch the MAC Safari on your desktop. Make sure you sign-in via the registered account. 
Step2- In the next step, open the Preferences option. 
Step3- Next, you need to click the advanced option button and check-mark the symbol “Show Develop”. This will appear under the menu bar. 
Step4- Now, find the develop option in the menu bar. Check for it on the upper side of the desktop screen from where you search or edit the file. 
Step5- In the final step, you need to move to drop down menu and click the User Agent and choose Firefox for MAC. 

After following these steps, you will be able to access email. If any problem exists then take help from the technical professionals. The Hotmail technical support number Canada is one of the independent technical support providers and offers result oriented solutions to the users. So, take help from email specialists near you and resolve the problem instantly. All your email work is important, so never miss on sending or receiving emails. 

Monday, 22 May 2017

How to Download and Save Important Hotmail Emails on Desktop

Importance of emails is always a necessity, as you never know when you would require an old message. Well, wisemen have rightly said that the future is unpredictable. You never know when your boss might ask to send him previously sent report messages or the conversation between you and valued clients. To ensure you never fail to retrieve such messages, it’s important to backup mails. Many users take help from the professionals to create a backup. They believe in dialing the Hotmail helpline phonenumber and easily create a backup with the help of the telephonic assistance.

Instead of taking telephonic assistance, you can follow the easy steps to download and save all important emails on the desktop. Hotmail users check out here, how to get started with this process. 

Step1- In the first step, you need to access the email website on your browser. After that click, the download option from the windows live mail page. In order to download and install the setup program, you need to check mark the mail option for installing email setup.

Step2- After the email setup installs, tap on the option appearing as Add Email Account, right from the left-hand side of the screen.

Step3- In the third step, you need to enter your email address and credential. The email address and password need to be entered in the desired field section. Later tap on the Next option and tap finish. Now, the processing will start to auto download the messages on the PC.

Step4- For checking the messages, simply click Inbox and the list of messages will appear on the screen.

These steps have been verified by the independent technical support professionals. However, if you need assistance then dial the Hotmail helpline number Canada. Note: this independent customer support number only serves the Canadians.

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Hotmail Helpline Canada to Help You Configure Hotmail App on Your Mobile

Hotmail Support in Canada is a company providing dedicated helpline to help the email users get over various kinds of problem with the expert support of trained professionals.

Wednesday, February, 10, 2016- With the arrival of the dedicated mobile application, it has become so very easy for the hotmail users use their email on the go. The hotmail app is installed by almost every user in Canada to get an easier way to be online. But at the same time, some peoples In Canada are also going through various problems while setting up their accounts on the mobile application. The hotmail assistance helpline in Canada has come up with a quick and easy solution for all these problems via just a phone call.

Hotmail Support, a highly decorated IT tech-support company is getting plaudits from all corners for its newly started service that helps the users to configure their hotmail account on the mobile phones. The experts in the Hotmail Support Canada help the users regarding any aspect of this mobile application.

With the hotmail mobile application, browsing your hotmail account has become way too easy, but at the same time, you may face some problems regarding the installation and operation of your account via this app initially. The company with its expert services in the hotmail troubles has garnered a huge reputation for itself.

In a matter of just a few years, it has become the primary option for the users to troubleshoot their account management problems. Realizing the problem of the mobile users, it has extended its service to this facet also which is helping many a users who were not able to operate their hotmail account on their mobile phones owing to some technical problems.

Now, the users do not have to spend heavy amounts for the solution of hotmail problems in heir mobiles as the help offered by the company is offered at economic and reasonable costs that is highly appreciated by the users too. They keep dialing the assistance helpline Canada as and when they are not able to get over any problem themselves.

The company is deciding to enhance its services by providing support on chat also. There are some issues that are tough to troubleshoot over the telephone and online chat will certainly be a boost for that.

The customers are also eagerly waiting for the launch of this service and when asked upon the same, he replied-“I have got through some problems via the telephonic troubleshooting and the online chat could help in this regard. I hope the hotmail helpline comes up with something on the matter”.

The spokesperson responded on that-“The online chat facility is going to be started very soon to help the customers in some exceptional cases”.

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Thursday, 1 December 2016

How to Change your Hotmail Password to avoid Risks

Hotmail is one of the leading online mailing websites developed by Microsoft. Hotmail has been known to provide various services including the best tech support. One can easily contact the team of technicians on Hotmail customer helpline to ask for help if he/she is facing any kind of problems. While making a Hotmail account, the most essential task is to set a really strong password to avoid any risk of hacking. Here are the most common passwords and the steps to change your password.

What are the most commonly used passwords?
Research has shown that most of the people while setting up a Hotmail account tend to make their credentials as their passwords. There are many others who set their passwords as ‘123456’. This must be avoided because the easier the password, the more possibility of it getting hacked. It has been suggested that a user must have both alphabets and numbers in their passwords to make it strong and difficult to hack. There is some steps provided by Hotmail support Canada.
How to reset your password?
If a user’s password is too easy to crack, it is advisable to reset it immediately to avoid the risks of getting hacked. It can be done by the steps mentioned below -
  •  Open the Hotmail homepage and click on ‘view your account’, after that you have to choose the account.
  •  Enter the current password to sign in and then click on ‘change’.
  • Type the current password and then the new password and lastly confirm the new password by typing it again.
  • Sign in with a new password.
If none of the above works for the user it is advisable to contact the tech support of Hotmail. Canadian citizens can call on Hotmail support Canada. The tech support in Canada is known to be the best as they offer rapid replies and quick solutions. The Hotmail helpline number +1-614-705-2504 is easily available. Feel free to contact them to seek help.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

How to Change Or Adjust The Time Clock On Your Hotmail Account?

It is very essential for everyone to keep their time updated in their email account as this would cause problems to you while searching for an email of a specific date. If your time in Hotmail account is not correct then it will be very confusing for you search for an email. Your registered geographical information should be up to date to make sure that your time is correct on your Hotmail account. If you are moving somewhere, then you have to adjust the settings of your account to reflect the new time zone.
If you are heading for a new place and want to adjust the settings so that your clock remains correct, then follow these instructions provided below. If any issue occurs then contact Hotmail by phone number. Hotmail Support Number Canada +1-614-705-2504 is always ready to help you and give their best possible solution to resolve your problem.
  • Step 1- Open your browser sign in to your Hotmail account and click on Hotmail and then click on the ‘inbox'.
  • Step 2- On the right hand side of the page click on the ‘options' button and after that click on the ‘More options' button.
  • Step 3- Now, click on the account details (password, aliases and time zone) under ‘Managing your account'.
  • Step 4- Click on the ‘Change' button present next to ‘Country/Region'. Set your country and region under ‘Home location' and ‘Work location' as well if you want to. Now, select a time zone from the time zone list.
  • Step 5- Finally, click on the save button.
By going through these steps you can easily adjust the time according to you. Wherever you are going you do not need to worry as these steps will allow you to adjust the time zone properly.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Hotmail Support Number Canada - To Get Help for Your Problems in Hotmail

Hotmail is an email service by Microsoft similar to Google’s Gmail service. It offers several services like Windows, Skype, Bing, Xbox etc. Apart from email feature it has many other features like calendar, task manager, web browsing, note taking, journal etc. Do you have problems with the services of Hotmail? Do you want to know the procedure for Hotmail
All you have to do is contact Outlook support team. 

Benefits of contacting Hotmail support

  •  You will be connected to the support team of Hotmail.
  • The members of the support team are experts. They are trained technicians. They will be able to provide solutions to all your problems.
  • You have a separate team to solve your email related issues and another team to solve your login issues and other issues with your account.

Is there any other way to get help? You can post your questions in Outlook forums. Your questions will be answered by trained Microsoft personnel. If you search the browser, you may find that your question has been raised by another customer and it has been already answered.
Outlook support is the upgraded form of Hotmail. You can also call Hotmail helpline number canada +1-614-705-2504 to get all your Outlook issues resolved.

Why should you call Hotmail support phone number?

Third party service providers offer fast assistance. It saves a lot of time. You will be able to get solutions in just a few minutes. You need not suffer from any stress. The technicians in the team will find the right solution to all your problems, whatever they may be. Do you want to reset your password or recover your forgotten password or delete an Outlook account or create an account or do you want to solve your proxy server issue? Dial the support phone number now.

Friday, 30 September 2016

Hotmail Password Recovery Helpline to Reset Your Password Easily and Quickly

Hotmail is renamed as Outlook. However, the loyal users of Outlook still call it Hotmail. Being an email service with important Microsoft features, Hotmail is a popular tool for communication. It has millions of users in the world and is supported by more than 30 languages. One of the most common problems faced while trying to login to your Hotmail account is “forgotten password”.

Do you want to know the procedure for Hotmail password recovery?

If you get the message that your password is incorrect when you try to login to your account, you should make sure that you have typed the email ID correctly without any spelling mistakes. The next step is to check if your Caps Lock is on. You should remember that passwords are case sensitive. Are you not able to sign in even after this? You should go to the Reset Password page or call Hotmail password recovery number.

You can reset your password with the help of password reset email or by answering secret questions.

Password reset email steps involved

  1. Go to ‘Password reset’ page.
  2. Enter your Windows live ID.
  3. Type the characters you see.
  4. Click your mouse on ‘send password reset instructions’.
  5. Type the email address to which the instructions should be sent.
  6. When you receive the instructions, follow them to reset your password.
Secret questions - Steps involved

If you remember the secret questions and the answers you can go to this option. The first three steps are the same. The fourth step is to click on ‘use my secret answer to verify’. The next step is to answer the secret questions. Then you should type a new password and an alternative email address. Now your password is set.

Do you want to skip all these steps and go for an easier method? Call Hotmail support number Canada +1-614-705-2504. You will realize hotmail password reset has never been so easy.