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Get the Solutions to All Your Hotmail Problems

Hotmail is being used world-wide. While it is known for its great services and reliability, many a times users might face some of the issues relating to their Microsoft account. The solutions are provided by the customer support of Hotmail. The contact number for Microsoft is available on the website. Here are some common issues faced by the users and their solutions.

Know the Commonly Faced Problems by the Users

People sometimes face many kinds of errors. Many a times it is related to not able to log in even the user hasn’t changed anything in their computer. Other problems include -
  • Emails and other files getting lost.
  • Not able to access emails.
  • Not able to receive any files.
  • Many a times the user is not able to recover his/her password.
These problems can be solved by dialing Hotmail support number Canada 1-844-888-3870.  A team of professionals will guide the user through various processes of solving that issue. Hotmail support Canada number can be obtained through the customer service website.
What are the Solutions to Such Problems?

The various solutions of such problems are enumerated below -

  • A user need to check his/her internet connection first to make sure it is working properly.
  • Clearing the cache or the temporary net files.
  • A user can try using a different browser to open account.
  • It is possible that the account is blocked, or the user has violated any terms and conditions of Hotmail. In such cases, it is advisable to contact the tech support.
  • It is suggested that the must keep a copy of all the emails on their desktop to avoid any problems in future.
It is important for the user to download the windows live mail, which is an email program provided by windows. It will make sure that the user has an easy access to his/her emails and will avoid any problems happening in the near future.

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