Sunday, 25 December 2016

Hotmail Helpline Canada to Help You Configure Hotmail App on Your Mobile

Hotmail Support in Canada is a company providing dedicated helpline to help the email users get over various kinds of problem with the expert support of trained professionals.

Wednesday, February, 10, 2016- With the arrival of the dedicated mobile application, it has become so very easy for the hotmail users use their email on the go. The hotmail app is installed by almost every user in Canada to get an easier way to be online. But at the same time, some peoples In Canada are also going through various problems while setting up their accounts on the mobile application. The hotmail assistance helpline in Canada has come up with a quick and easy solution for all these problems via just a phone call.

Hotmail Support, a highly decorated IT tech-support company is getting plaudits from all corners for its newly started service that helps the users to configure their hotmail account on the mobile phones. The experts in the Hotmail Support Canada help the users regarding any aspect of this mobile application.

With the hotmail mobile application, browsing your hotmail account has become way too easy, but at the same time, you may face some problems regarding the installation and operation of your account via this app initially. The company with its expert services in the hotmail troubles has garnered a huge reputation for itself.

In a matter of just a few years, it has become the primary option for the users to troubleshoot their account management problems. Realizing the problem of the mobile users, it has extended its service to this facet also which is helping many a users who were not able to operate their hotmail account on their mobile phones owing to some technical problems.

Now, the users do not have to spend heavy amounts for the solution of hotmail problems in heir mobiles as the help offered by the company is offered at economic and reasonable costs that is highly appreciated by the users too. They keep dialing the assistance helpline Canada as and when they are not able to get over any problem themselves.

The company is deciding to enhance its services by providing support on chat also. There are some issues that are tough to troubleshoot over the telephone and online chat will certainly be a boost for that.

The customers are also eagerly waiting for the launch of this service and when asked upon the same, he replied-“I have got through some problems via the telephonic troubleshooting and the online chat could help in this regard. I hope the hotmail helpline comes up with something on the matter”.

The spokesperson responded on that-“The online chat facility is going to be started very soon to help the customers in some exceptional cases”.

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Thursday, 1 December 2016

How to Change your Hotmail Password to avoid Risks

Hotmail is one of the leading online mailing websites developed by Microsoft. Hotmail has been known to provide various services including the best tech support. One can easily contact the team of technicians on Hotmail customer helpline to ask for help if he/she is facing any kind of problems. While making a Hotmail account, the most essential task is to set a really strong password to avoid any risk of hacking. Here are the most common passwords and the steps to change your password.

What are the most commonly used passwords?
Research has shown that most of the people while setting up a Hotmail account tend to make their credentials as their passwords. There are many others who set their passwords as ‘123456’. This must be avoided because the easier the password, the more possibility of it getting hacked. It has been suggested that a user must have both alphabets and numbers in their passwords to make it strong and difficult to hack. There is some steps provided by Hotmail support Canada.
How to reset your password?
If a user’s password is too easy to crack, it is advisable to reset it immediately to avoid the risks of getting hacked. It can be done by the steps mentioned below -
  •  Open the Hotmail homepage and click on ‘view your account’, after that you have to choose the account.
  •  Enter the current password to sign in and then click on ‘change’.
  • Type the current password and then the new password and lastly confirm the new password by typing it again.
  • Sign in with a new password.
If none of the above works for the user it is advisable to contact the tech support of Hotmail. Canadian citizens can call on Hotmail support Canada. The tech support in Canada is known to be the best as they offer rapid replies and quick solutions. The Hotmail helpline number +1-614-705-2504 is easily available. Feel free to contact them to seek help.